canadians beware

hi friends,
he could be anyone a passport officer or an guide he cheated lots of people in london and has come in vancouver . he has many cases of cheating and bank frauds against him so beware of any one of the name of vikram singh from uk (london) . he cheated his own wife and also his very own cousin to the toll of thousands of pounds so please take care or u could be the next victim
Reverend Blair
Have you got any more information, John. Some links as to what he did etc. would be good...
Now I'm kind of curious as to what this guy is talking about.. It looked like he tried including a picture.
Rick van Opbergen
With a quick search on the Internet I found out that Vikram Singh is among others a topman of Shell in Bangladesh and a famous artist (...)
Reverend Blair
I'm no fan of Shell, and they have committed many crimes and done many things that should be crimes, but not of the kind that John1000 is referring too.

We're still waiting for more information, John.
Rick van Opbergen
I'm not quite familiar with the criminal part of Shell (while it's by origin a Dutch company, the Brits are to blame! ), although I did hear reports about some dirty things they did in Nigeria.
Reverend Blair
Those dirty things they did in Nigeria could land Dick Cheney in the docket at a French court because Halliburton was deeply involved. The British are investigating now too. So are then Americans. The French judge in charge of it all is named Van Rembuyke or something like that (pretty sure I spelled it wrong).
Rick van Opbergen
Do you have some good links so I can inform myself a bit Rev?
Reverend Blair
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There was a BBC story about Britain getting involved about a month ago too, but I can't find the link.

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