Butchart Gardens Canadian historic site

Butchart Gardens in Victoria designated Canadian historic site


VICTORIA, British Columbia -- After a century of painstaking, increasingly elaborate horticulture, the Butchart Gardens has been designated a Canadian national historic site.

The honor was announced by David Anderson, a member of parliament from the area, and Environment Minister Stephane Dion as the 54.3-acre site hosts its annual Christmas lights display and approaches the end of its 100th year of operation.

The gardens were established by Jennie Butchart, who decided to transform an old limestone quarry site that remained from a cement manufacturing operation run by her husband Robert.

It now includes four principal areas that are filled with more than a million bedding plants and that draws more than a million visitors a year.

The historic designation reflects the family's success in "turning the old quarry into the premier symbol of Victoria," Anderson said. "It's a particular recognition of Jennie Butchart, who was a really remarkable woman ... a woman of determination and strong character."

Butchart Gardens, still a private, family-run enterprise, is currently directed by Robin Clarke, a great-granddaughter of Jennie and Robert Butchart.

They also have great fireworks all summer long

turning the old quarry into the premier symbol of Victoria

yeah, a polite way of saying a big ol' hole. so she stuffed some dirt in it, and planted around a few billion plants. what's the big deal??
wooooooooooooooo cranky today :P I prefer the horticultural centre garden myself. The butchart is more like the las vegas of the garden world. But watching the fireworks from the top of the malhat is awesome, and its free :P
Can you imagine what she could have done to Sudbury?I mean to say,for Sudbury..
yup, i'm on a roll today i tell ya.....well that's just it about the b.g. although they sometimes have some neat groupings of plants, for the most part you need your dark glasses just to get through the first couple of beds. akkk.
It is pretty amazing what they have done to the place. It is swamped with tourists (mostly asian) all year.
ehm...yes its all a little to perfect isn't it :P although the chartered buses by the hundreds is a nice touch. They do have some nice natural gardens tho. Its still an great accomplishment. With or without sunglasses :P
absolutely right pea! to think she probably started off with a wheel barrow.!!
May it always be a privately owned property and not publicly owned.

RIP Crystal Gardens. (Publicly owned, privately sold)
Good point twila, I loved the crystal gardens. Its a shame what happened to it.
yeah, even more scarey what they have planned for it.
What is the plan? I'm rather behind in this regards. Can't quite get over being stumped with the gov't selling of publicly owned land for profit. the lying part I understand (coming from the gov't and all)
Twila the plan is to turn the crystal garden into some kind of information centre. Its still questionable where some of the rare mammals ended up.
I am suprised about this. It is a good thing. I just never expected this. So maybe I should say "About time"?

It is a fabulous place to visit if you are on the island. Very Very Beautiful and your wife/girlfriend will apprecialte you stopping in as well.
What I heard they wanted to do to Crystal Garden is to build an interactive map. How exciting is that? Letís go to the map? Never have tourist flocked to see a map. Sometimes you have to wonder how boneheads get into decision making positions. Way to screw up a nice tourist attraction.
Yes that is it gonza, its going to be a map place. Hard to believe that could think that would be more interesting than what it was orginally

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