The Persuader

The Persuader
Billy Graham's son and heir apparent discusses evangelism, Iraq and why he feels Christians are 'under attack'. Also why he is against Gays and Lesbians and is he out to convert Muslims? (external - login to view)
If Jesus Christ comes to this world today, He, his father and the whole ministry will be obliterated. He says Jesus this and Jesus that.

Jesus walked barefooted and lived a very humble and simple life. These cronies have mansions and enough money to build their own country. What a circus full of jokers.
What was Satan's greatest accomplishment? Convincing people he didn't exist.

When you take a group of people who call themshelves "christians". And who practice everything exactly opposite of what Jesus preached you have......

Can you guess?

Hey Moghrabi. Have you noticed that Gov't telephone numbers here on the mainland start with 666? Pretty telling if you ask me.

And also.....Doesn't Billy Graham have some tellitubies to destroy? He may want to check out "Boo Baa" Those little critters are very very scary.
LOL. I did not notice that the Governement phone #s srart with 666. That explains it.

Billy Graham is a tellitubby himself. He and all his ministers are a bunch of crookes.

And what do you call these other ones on TV. They get a blind woman who's been blind all her live according to them. scream in her face, puch her back, say Amen, She starts seening for the first time. Oh God.

The unfortunate thing is she goes blind again when she sees these these crooks.
Graham is the best of a bad lot,and that isn't much of a compliment! In the pile of rat turds that constitute TV evangelism,he's just the least contaminated.
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