French deal with storm aftermath

The freak hurricane took France by surprise

French utility workers are struggling to restore electricity supplies after a hurricane-force storm left six people dead and thousands without power.

The storm hit Paris without warning and lasted only a few minutes, but caused havoc there and across the north. The Eiffel Tower and Paris parks have reopened after Friday's gusts, which reached up to 130 km/h (80 mph).

However some international flights to Paris airports are still being delayed by up to four hours. Some 40,000 French homes were still without electricity on Saturday. Most of those killed on Friday were victims of falling trees. A 61-year-old woman died in Paris died when a tree came crashing down on her car.

Several people have been injured by flying debris. Trees shook violently, and tiles were dislodged from rooftops. At the world-famous Chateau de Versailles outside the capital, tourists were evacuated when trees began to be uprooted.

source: BBC