Today, two of our national air team went down ,and one pilot is dead. I had the opportunity to see them in action several times and am very proud of them..This is a sad day in Canadian Aviation.
how did it happen Missile
but the saddest dat wuz wheb the avro program wuz canceled
Reverend Blair
The woman they interviewed on the news said she thought they touched wings.

We used to take a coller-full of beer and go sit in a field sometimes and watch them practice....always a much better show than an actual air show.
kool i dont think it ill get canncelled
The pilot that died was from where I live. The name sounds a little familiar.


MOOSE JAW, Sask. (CP) - One pilot from the Canadian Forces' famed Snowbirds team was killed Friday and a second suffered minor injuries in a mid-air collision between two jets during a routine training flight in Saskatchewan.
The dead pilot, Capt. Miles Selby, 31, of Tsawwassen, B.C., was a two-year veteran of the Snowbirds and had flown CF-18 fighter jets during combat missions in Kosovo.

"We will regroup and spend some time thinking about our loss," said Col. Alain Boyer. "That's our focus right now."

Injured in the collision was Capt. Chuck Mallett, 35, of Edmonton.

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so we dont know what happend

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