Ship Nuclear Waste to Canada's Arctic?


The federal government is trying to find a place to store used nuclear waste.

The national Inuit political organization is conducting a study to see how Inuit feel about nuclear waste coming North.

If you oppose nuclear waste going to the north, you can have your say at: No Dumping Nuclear Waste in Canada’s Arctic (external - login to view)
Just the Facts
I don't see why they don't just pack it into a Rocket and shoot it at the sun. Problem solved.
Reverend Blair
What I don't get is that if it is still radioactive, then there is still energy coming off of it. Why don't they work on ways of getting that energy out instead of dumping it someplace?

The Arctic is no place palce to be putting it though, especially since we know that global warming is causing massive changes there.
Sorry for the late reply. 336 signatures collected in 2+ weeks!!

The interview:

Heather Ochalski of Baker Lake launched an online petition in "opposition to the dumping of nuclear waste in Canada's Arctic" as soon as she heard about ITK's research last Wednesday evening, and is surprised at the response.

Less than two days later, the petition had 64 signatures. One week later, that number had climbed to [252].

"We're surprised at the response we're getting," Ochalski said, speaking on behalf of herself and her sister, who together run the Igloo Talk online discussion forum found at (external - login to view).

"This is clearly demonstrating that many Inuit are opposed to storing nuclear waste in the Arctic."

Ochalski, who now lives in Ottawa, started the petition to involve people who may not be able to participate in the public forum in Iqaluit. She plans to submit the petition to ITK one week before the forum takes place.

Nunatsiaq News (external - login to view)

It will be interesting to hear what comes out of the consultations In Iqaluit, Nunavut. Canada.
ah the ever annoying nuclear issue
good thinng its not up north
Glad to sign the petition.I live in the area affected by our reactor at Point Lepreau and some of that waste could be ours.
Quote: Originally Posted by Just the Facts

I don't see why they don't just pack it into a Rocket and shoot it at the sun. Problem solved.

That is a very good solution
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