Osama already caught???

It seems hard to believe that if Osama is still out there somewhere, he hasn't made a taunting video to the United States, no messages through Al Jazeera, no pics no nothing.
Does anyone else think that maybe the US has already caught him, has him in storage somewhere and will then 'catch Osama', sometime in October or November to guarantee Bush the re-election?
What do you think?
He's in the same freezer as Walt Disney, waiting for the right day to come back!
Just in case he or his body is trotted out for public fodder before the election I have been keeping a section of articles.

I guess it really depends on Bush's chance at re-election as to what will happen...

i.e. Osama - Just-In-Time, a Terror Attack... whatever...

Osama: They seek him here, they seek him there

Despite the US's huge intelligence-gathering network and diplomatic clout - and even a $25m reward on his head - there's not been a single sighting of Osama bin Laden since 2001.*
Osama and his mentor Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri - remain elusive. Bin Laden, it appears, has pulled off one of the most remarkable disappearing acts in history.

Or has he? Rumours abound that he has already been captured by the US, or maybe Pakistan, and that his captors are waiting for the perfect moment to announce his capture: just in time for President Bush's re-election bid, for example, or in order for Pakistan's President Musharraf to wring the most glittering rewards from the US. The internet is bursting with innuendo and speculation on the possibility, but respected sources insist they are not to be taken seriously.

And all the while the world's most wanted man remains silent, hidden. The only thing for sure is that if he has been killed or captured, we'll hear of it well in time for November's elections.

www.newsgateway.ca/by_topic_binLaden_capture.htm (external - login to view)

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