Canada starts massive slaughter. Again.

half of 1,000,000 harp seals will be skinned alive during seal murder seasons in Canada.
Seems like canadian government feels invulnerable and forgets that its servants are made of flesh too. Any action causes an counteraction which mirrors the impact back to its origin. (external - login to view) (external - login to view) (external - login to view)
Seems there is an abundance of seals and has been for some years now. Of course if the little darlings weren't so cute people wouldn't be so outraged, that plus the manner of kill.

Of other interest is the natives killing a rare breed of caribou, there are about 100 of this breed left hence they border on extinction. This type happens to be located close by a very common and abundant caribou, but the natives, to make some silly point decided to decimate the rare type. Sorry, can't remember the name off the top.
Who needs furs to survive? Fashion victims have become the ultimate predators. I suggest to imagine the outcry from just a SINGLE sealer being clubbed and skinned half alive. May it could be repeated to make the message stronger. I do not see any difference between human race and other living races on this planet as a matter of a right to exist under the Sun. Natives may chose to act in the way not quite understood by the newcomers and thus easily become the scapegoats. Think about 250 million victims of 400 years of genocide of Native peoples and culture. Their blood is overflowing the vessel of patience.

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