YUGE Truckers Strike in Russia

Truck drivers across Russia launched a nationwide strike March 27 aimed at abolishing the country's controversial “Platon” truck tax, in which heavy vehicles are charged tolls on federal highways – supposedly to repair Russia's damaged roads.

Drivers from cities across Russia participated in the strike.

Truckers plan to strike in more than 70 of Russia's regions. The organizers promised to involve over 10,000 trucks who would block major traffic flows.

Several of the movement's organizers have since been detained. President of the Russian Association of Carriers Andrew Bazhutin was arrested at his home in St. Petersburg after he went out to protest. He was charged with driving without a license.

The Chairman of the local Tula Interregional Trade Union of Professional Drivers Andrew Vedenin was detained after leaving his home under the pretext of verifying his identity and car insurance policy. According to ATS-info, he was taken to the police department and is still there. Other key activists were arrested in Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, and Stavropol.

Drivers report that they already pay the fees via fuel and transportation taxes. Activists note that the tax is controlled by a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

https://themoscowtimes.com/news/truc...-traffic-57546 (external - login to view)

Russia has banned the use on its territory of a smartphone app widely used like a walkie-talkie to organize demonstrations and other gatherings.

The app, called Zello, reportedly has been popular among long-distance truckers in Russia who are conducting strikes to protest a road tariff system.

Zello, based in the United States, said Russia halted the use of the app late Wednesday. The agency that oversees electronic communications in Russia, Roskomnadzor, had announced earlier in the week that the service would be ended because Zello did not comply with an Internet law.

That law demands that Internet services store copies in Russia of all messages sent via them for six months and make them available to authorities on demand.

A statement on Zello's company blog called the requirement "absurd."

https://apnews.com/aad441b617374dc7b...anize-protests (external - login to view)
Curious Cdn
Boy, banning smartphone apps ... there's a new high water mark for Thugocracies everywhere.
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Oh, is that worse then the backdoors the US gov made madatory on US smartphones so the DHS can look at the pix of your daughters on their phones when the security types get tired of watching stolen porn on the office computers?

come to think of they are in all the US computers built since the Obomba

Tech sector tells Obama encryption backdoors “undermine human rights”
Backdoors "could be exploited by even the most repressive or dangerous regimes."
https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/...-human-rights/ (external - login to view)

oh well, haters gotta hate

keep hating Russians doood
Curious Cdn
They still build computers in the U.S.?

I didn't know that.
not to mention the ones that come into the US or go through the US
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not to mention the ones that come into the US or go through the US

I wonder if every new computer takes your picture during the first start-up and sends it to the PLA archives in China?
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