Transgender at a Women's Shelter

Two women are raising concerns about the latest person to move into a Kelowna homeless shelter for women.
“He wants to become a woman, I mean that is his choice but when a man comes into a women’s shelter who still has a ***** and genitals he has more rights than we do.” Tracey said.
Tracey is upset that she was made to share a room with a transgender individual, a man transitioning to become a woman.
“They told me, sorry if a person identifies themselves with female, then we have to go with that.” Tracey said.

Another client named Blaine was also staying at the shelter. She recently fled from an abusive relationship and says she’s uncomfortable with a transgender person staying at women’s only facility.
“Some women have had bad experiences with men so they are fleeing men and now we have a man living there,” Blaine said.

Concerns over transgender client at Okanagan shelter | (external - login to view)
Tie it in a knot and it should be safe.

Just pierce a hole in it for proper urination.
There shouldn't be ANY homeless shelters for women. That's sexist. They should be homeless shelters for people, or persons.
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It's racist.

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