Osama Nazzal charged with anti-Arab related vandalism

.... Osama Nazzal...

anyway, Fuck Arabs with bonus swastika eh.

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - A man has been charged in connection to racial vandalism found on a family’s home (external - login to view) in Sylvania Township.

Sylvania Township Police said 28-year-old Osama Nazzal has been charged and is scheduled to be arraigned in court on March 1.

Last month, the victims came home to find a swastika and a racial profanity spray-painted on their garage.

According to police, it was a can of black spray paint from Osama Nazal's garage that he told police he used to tagged the Sylvania Township family's garage.

"He admitted to spray painting the garage," said Deputy Jim Rettig.

Sylvania Township Deputy Chief Jim Rettig says there was not much evidence to work with in this case but it was the good work of officers and detectives that lead to a charge in the case.

"The detectives did a masterful job getting a confession without having evidence that is the true story here," said Dept. Rettig.

Nazzal faces one misdemeanor charge of criminal damage for this damage.

If found guilty he could face jail time and a fine.

Nazzal does not have any type of a criminal record so police say it's possible his punishment could be very minimal.

Man charged in connection to garage vandalism in Sylvania Townsh - Toledo News Now, News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH (external - login to view)
And flossy doesn't believe Muslims are Nazis.

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