56 injured in B.C. tour bus crash

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56 injured in B.C. tour bus crash. Hospital in #Kamloops (external - login to view) calls Code Orange as 6 helicopters,19 ambulances dispatched.


A long shot of the bus crash on the Coquihalla south of Merritt shows one ambulance on scene. More are on the way.

bill barilko
Chinese tour-they chartered the bus but supplied their own driver.

I interviewed with a Chinese tour company last month (not the same one) and it was lies upon evasions upon prevarications upon half truths-the weirdest job interview I ever did.

You can expect to see many more accidents like this as the Asian tour market grows across Canada these companies have no respect for Canadian laws at all the behaviour I used to see on the Whistler run was downright chilling.

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