Giant inflatable turtle cruises into Sydney Harbour

Giant inflatable turtle cruises into Sydney Harbour

A giant, mottled turtle named Alphie floats around Australia's most famous harbour, raising awareness of the health of the Great Barrier Reef

Giant inflatable turtle cruises Sydney Harbor - LoneWolf Sager - YouTube

A giant inflatable turtle cruised in Sydney Harbour on Friday to celebrate the opening of an undersea art exhibition at the city's aquarium.

The floating sculpture - dubbed Alphie - is 16.4 feet tall and 49.2 feet long.

The reptile is emblazoned with an abstract black-and-white rendering of coral reef structures, to inspire people to think about the health of the Great Barrier Reef, organisers said.

The Undersea Art Exhibition will host a collection of Australian artist BJ Price's paintings in underwater display tanks at the aquarium.

The paintings, which will be waterproofed and dropped into the tanks, will have sharks and fish swimming around them, according to local media.

The aquarium will host the art exhibition for about a month until September 11.

It is not the first time a giant inflatable creature makes its way around Sydney's iconic harbour.

Last year, a gigantic rubber duck appeared as part of the 2013 Sydney Festival.

source: Video: Giant inflatable turtle cruises into Sydney Harbour - Telegraph (external - login to view)
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