Ontario Going Bankrupt ?

From National Post a warning to the Ontario Liberals from Germany
"Germany – the country on which Ontario modelled its approach to renewable energy development – has a $412-billion lesson for Ontario. That’s the amount the country has spent on subsidies in support of solar and wind energy, among other renewables, over the past 20 years, all in the push to wean the country off fossil fuel and nuclear generation.

On the surface – and according to many news sites – the program has been a success, and not just because of the 378,000 people renewables now employ.

By the end of 2012 (the most recent year for data), wind and solar provided about 13% of all German electricity consumption. Adding in hydro and biomass, renewables provided more than 23%. And in May, headline writers around the world proudly trumpeted that renewable energy provided 75% of the country’s total electricity consumption.

But scratch a bit below the surface and an entirely different picture emerges – one with households being pushed into “energy poverty” as renewable subsidies lead to soaring power bills, handouts to the country’s big businesses and exporters so they can avoid paying for those subsidies and a systematic bankrupting of traditional utilities. "

Full article here: Achtung, Ontario! Renewables are a money pit | Financial Post (external - login to view)

Additional reading here: Ontario’s Power Trip: Irrational energy planning has tripled power rates under the Liberals’ direction | Financial Post (external - login to view)

Ontario is the engine room of Canada.
Like it or not.
The destruction of the business climate and the massive resultant job flight under the Liberals in Ontario is hurting all Canadians from sea to sea.
Every time you see stats about a slowing economy or less than optimal job creation in Canada it is purely a result of Ontario's downward spiral, nothing else.
And that is all on the Ontario Liberal Party.

Just imagine if the three horseman of the apocalypse ( Wynne, Chow and Trudeau) ever ride together.

On a lighter note Germany reports massive development and investment in brown coal strip mines.
Brown coal BTW is known as one of the dirtiest and toxic coal types in the world (unlike clean, low sulpher, Canadian coal).
Well tell me something new..
I wonder what the final verdict from history will be on this topic
What if we are wrong and we are the riders of doom?
Just a thought and the reason is no one knows for sure

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