Ö letting her son walk to the park alone

Via Reason (external - login to view). Their house is half a mile, or a 10-minute walk, away. There are registered sex offenders in the area. Should letting junior go alone be momís call or the stateís (external - login to view)?

This isnít the only case recently of a mom being locked up for letting her kid play alone in the park. I donít think we blogged it at the time but the story of Debra Harrell (external - login to view) is pure Kafka. Her daughter had a cell phone, the park she played in was crowded with other kids and parents, and Harrell herself was stuck at work trying to earn a living for the two of them, but no matter. She was arrested for neglect, had her daughter temporarily taken from her, and was reportedly fired (external - login to view) from her job at McDonaldís before quietly being reinstated (external - login to view) after outrage over her case exploded online. (An Internet fundraising effort for her began with a goal of $10,000. It stands at $41,166 (external - login to view) as I write this.) Conor Friedersdorf (external - login to view) asked a good question after the Harrell uproar: Does averting the tiny risk of child abduction in a situation like this justify the near-certainty that a child will be traumatized when the state arrests his mother and removes him from her care?


Florida mom charged with felony child neglect for Ö letting her son walk to the park alone ¬ę Hot Air (external - login to view)