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Calgary's Muslim, Jewish leaders meet at synagogue following Gaza rallies

The Canadian Press
Published Friday, July 25, 2014 4:43PM EDT
CALGARY -- Calgary's Muslim and Jewish leaders have condemned tensions during recent rallies in the city over the Gaza conflict.
Leaders of both religious groups met Thursday after an imam reached out to Jewish leaders and requested a meeting.
Last week, a protest at city hall in support of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in Gaza turned violent when a handful of Israeli supporters showed up.

Some men began pushing and shoving, and one man stomped on an Israeli flag before police moved in and separated the groups.
Police have also charged a man after two replica handguns were brought to a pro-Israel rally earlier this week.
The leaders have agreed imams will invite rabbis to speak at mosques and rabbis will invite imams to speak at synagogues to promote understanding.
"Violence cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. We may disagree on issues and perspectives but we are firmly against resolving disputes and conflicts through violence," reads a statement from both sides following the meeting.
"The only way to resolve disputes and conflicts is through dialogue and the promotion of mutual understanding."
The meeting was held at the Beth Tzedec synagogue.
For most of the Muslim leaders, the joint statement said, it was the first time they had ever entered a synagogue and met a rabbi.
"We believe in the freedom of expression. This is a treasured value of Canadian society that every citizen has an equal right of expression. We recognize and respect the rights of both the pro-Palestine and pro-Israel individuals and groups," the statement said.
"They have the right to protest and lobby for their causes, but these protests and rallies must be peaceful and law-abiding. We will never allow anyone to disturb the peace of our city."

Read more: Calgary's Muslim, Jewish leaders meet at synagogue following Gaza rallies | CTV News (external - login to view)

This is the kind of thing we need more of and need to be supportive of, not the "he said/she said, my side/your side" biased and bigoted crap that gets bandied about.

But I do wonder how long it will be before it's not just a 'replica' gun that is brought along to confront one of these protests? From everything I'm seeing and hearing and reading, I don't think it'll matter much to many so long as the "right side" is the one causing the damage.

Peace is possible. And no doubt there are many more such meetings among people of good will. Unfortunately, it is always the bad apples that get all the media attention.

Remember how up to just a couple of years ago this forum was filled with an endless array of hate threads that criticized Iran and predicted that Teheran was going to launch nuclear attacks upon every corner of the earth? I said back then that not a word of all that hate filled propaganda was true - and I was correct.
Remember when Iranian Mizrahi Jews refused to leave for Israel because they knew that Oriental Jews were second class citizens there? To this day Mizrahim remain loyal to Iran and live peaceably despite all efforts by outsiders to foment tensions.

Peace indeed is possible. All it takes is for people of good will to promote it as do the good people in that link above.

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