At the 32 minute mark nitrozamines and the possible correlation to onset of Alzheimer's.
Untangling Alzheimer’s - The Nature of Things (external - login to view)

Is part of this what is now called Type 3 Diabetes.
Type 3 Diabetes (external - login to view)

Type 3 diabetes is a title that has been proposed for Alzheimer's disease which results from resistance to insulin in the brain.

Studies carried out by the US Brown Medical School research team identified the possibility of a new form of diabetes after finding that insulin is produced by the brain as well as the pancreas.

Lead researcher, Dr Suzanne de la Monte, carried out a further study in 2012 for Rhode Island Hospital to further investigate the link.

The researchers pinpoint resistance to insulin and insulin-like growth factor as being a key part of the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. [61]

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