STOCKTON - Stockton police said a second suspect has died after a bank robbery and gun battle that led to the death of a hostage.

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Police said in all, three people were dead in Wednesday's violence, which included a high-speed chase that left cars and houses riddled with bullets shot from an "AK-47-style rifle."

The incident began when three people robbed a Bank of the West branch at Hammer Lane and Thornton Road and took three women hostage -- a bank customer and two bank employees. Police said the robbers stole a bank employee's SUV and led dozens of police cars on a high-speed chase that lasted about 45 minutes.

VIDEO: Stockton police pursuit began with bank robbery, hostage-taking (external - login to view)

During the chase, two hostages -- both bank employees -- were thrown or jumped from the vehicle: one suffered a gunshot wound and the other had a bullet graze. Both were taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries and were expected to survive.

As the SUV came to a stop near Otto Road and Thornton Drive around 3:20 p.m., officers exchanged gunfire with someone inside the vehicle. All three suspects were wounded in the shootout.

The third hostage, identified as 41-year-old Misty Holt Singh, was visiting the bank as a customer when she was abducted by the robbers. Singh's 12-year-old daughter was waiting in the car for her mother when the bank was robbed.

Singh was found dead inside of the SUV due to gunfire, Stockton police said. Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said she was used as a human shield during the fire fight, but it was unclear who shot her.


3 dead in Stockton shootout after bank robbery, police chase (external - login to view)

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