Another 'why greenpeace sucks' moment

Greenpeace send Rainbow Warrior to block the removal of wrecked Costa Concordia, saying its five-day voyage to scrapyard is a potential environmental disaster

  • Authorities preparing to remove cruise liner two and a half years after it sank
  • Greenpeace has sent Rainbow Warrior ship to stage protest at site of wreck
  • The organisation has said five-day voyage to Genoa risks 'another environmental disaster'

Greenpeace has sent its Rainbow Warrior ship to obstruct the removal of the Costa Concordia from the coast of Italy.

Two and a half years after the cruise liner struck rocks and sank off the island of Giglio, killing 32 people, authorities are finally preparing to remove it.

Last summer it was finally wrested off the rocks and refloated in an unprecedented engineering operation.

more about this 'warrior'

Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior ship blocks removal of Costa Concordia from Giglio | Mail Online
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WTF? Green Peace is an environmental disaster.
They fear for an environmental disaster and think they will prevent one by obstructing the transportation of the ship.

So they'll most likely create the same disaster they claim they're trying to prevent.

Are they going to ram the moving crews and toss eggs, spray water and distract the crews as much as possible to make it happen like their Sea Shepherd buddies?

Then they either help create the disaster and use it to justify their concerns and gain more funding, or they help create the disaster, the public sees exactly what they did and it then becomes open season to sink all their Greenpeace ships & send their rainbow hugging hippy ships to the bottom of the sea to be man made coral reefs to really help the environment.
There are so many of these moments.
In 1985 the French blew a Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, out of the water to prevent the ship from interfering with a planned nuclear test in Moruroa. One person was killed.

It was a despicable act and one which, quite rightly, shocked the world - as it occurred in New Zealand territorial waters.

An unusually brave and heroic act that it was for the French to commit, they should have done it in international waters.
captain morgan
Didn't Greenpeace larn anything from the debacle in Russia?

I wonder if those poor, ideologue suckers are still detained in a gulag

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