Rolf Harris guilty of indecent assaults


Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris has been found guilty of 12 counts of indecently assaulting four girls in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

One of the victims was a childhood friend of his daughter, another was an autograph hunter aged seven or eight.

Prosecutors said Harris was a "Jekyll and Hyde" character who took advantage of his fame. Sentencing is on Friday.

Police said they were considering fresh allegations against Harris, 84, which did not form part of his trial.

Scotland Yard said if the claims meet the force's threshold for investigation they will be looked into further.

The judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, said a custodial term was "uppermost in the court's mind", but he wanted to see a medical report before passing sentence.


BBC News - Rolf Harris guilty of indecent assaults (external - login to view)
This is a real disappointment. I used to go to his shows when he was in Vancouver. A couple Australians I knew took me to see his show and I quite enjoyed it. I can only imagine how they must feel now.
The 84-year-old Australian-born Harris, who has been living in Britain since he was 22, has been told to expect a long prison sentence.

Apparently, he was once shown around Broadmoor Hospital by Jimmy Saville - another once popular entertainer who was revealed to have been a paedophile after he died - where they both watched young patients undressing.

We also need to question how much the left-wing BBC knew about what the likes of Harris and Saville were getting up to and how much it covered it up.

I remember when I was a kid and I used to watch Rolf's Cartoon Club on the telly. He used to draw famous cartoon characters from the likes of Warner Brothers, Raymond Briggs and John Lasseter and you used to try and guess what character it was. He then introduced a cartoon featuring that character. His catchphrase during the show was: "Hey, kids, can you tell what it is yet?" I suppose there's a whole new meaning to that phrase now.

A few years ago he painted a portrait of the Queen in Buckingham Palace, and I remember watching the documentary about it which showed Her Majesty chatting with Rolf before posing for the painting. There are those who say the portrait is the best one ever of the Queen. But I wonder what Her Majesty will do with the painting now. Of course, she will be well within her rights to keep it. It's still a good portrait.

There are lots of Rolf Harris artworks out there, with originals even hanging on people's walls at home. It's said that since his conviction the price of his works will now increase.
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Harris was a man of considerable talent, who has basically thrown it all away......too bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by #juanView Post

Harris was a man of considerable talent, who has basically thrown it all away......too bad.

Just like Ian Watkins.
Who, what, why: What happened to Rolf Harris's portrait of the Queen?

Who, What, Why The Magazine answers the questions behind the news
1 July 2014

One of disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris's highest profile works of art was his portrait of the Queen, but where is the painting now?

Questions have been asked about the work amid speculation about Harris facing compensation claims (external - login to view) after being convicted of a series of sex attacks.

Harris's oil painting was undertaken as part of a BBC television documentary to mark the Queen's 80th birthday. The monarch sat twice for Harris to paint her over the summer of 2005.

After it was unveiled in December that year, the portrait, which took Harris two months to complete, initially went on public display (external - login to view) at the Queen's Gallery in Buckingham Palace.

But this was just a six-month display. A Royal Collection spokeswoman says: "It was only loaned to us briefly". She says she did not know where the painting, which is not part of the Royal Collection, ended up.

The answer

  • Last displayed in Liverpool in 2012, it is likely to have been returned to Harris
  • Both the BBC and the Royal Collection say they do not have it

The BBC, which originally approached Buckingham Palace (external - login to view) asking whether the Queen would be willing to sit for the painting, said it was not in its possession.

"We've been asked about this before and the position hasn't changed. The BBC does not have this painting in its collection," a spokeswoman says. She would not address the issue of the painting's ownership.

Harris offered the painting to the National Portrait Gallery, but it was turned down.

The work appears to have been most recently displayed by Liverpool's Walker Gallery, which said it had been part of Harris's private collection. It was on show in 2012 as part of an exhibition of his work, (external - login to view) all of which came from private owners.

A Walker Gallery spokeswoman says that after the exhibition finished in August 2012, the painting was returned to Whitewall Galleries, which is understood to have had a commercial relationship with Harris. Harris launched the gallery chain's Liverpool branch (external - login to view) in 2011 and a Google search shows that his work was previously listed on the Whitewall Galleries website, although he has now been removed.

Whitewall Galleries has yet to respond to requests for a comment and it is not known whether the painting is in Whitewall's, or Harris's, possession.

Bell Pottinger, the PR firm hired to represent Harris during his trial, could not confirm whether the 84-year-old had the painting in his possession.

It is unclear how much the Queen portrait or any of Harris's other work is now worth. After being valued at £50,000 on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, a Harris painting of singer Bonnie Tyler failed to meet its £25,000 reserve price with auctioneer John Taylors, in Louth, in 2012.

James Laverack, of John Taylors, said Harris was a "talented artist" but the value of his work would have "dropped considerably" since the abuse allegations first emerged.

"Prices started to rise when he did the Queen's portrait, and he became considered a serious artist rather than just a TV celebrity," says Laverack.

It will be hard to gauge the extent of the value drop until some of Harris's works next goes to auction, he added.

BBC News - Who, what, why: What happened to Rolf Harris's portrait of the Queen? (external - login to view)
Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris has been jailed for five years and nine months for 12 sexual assults against four girls - including his daughter Bindi's friend - between 1968 and 1986.

Harris, who arrived at court without his wife Welsh wife Alwen, was also charged with four counts of making indecent images of children.

It also emerged in court that police found a stash of child abuse images on his computer in 2012.

Harris decided to take the quieter route to court for his sentencing - at around 7am this morning he boarded a boat, whilst laughing and joking, behind his house on the River Thames in Bray, Berkshire, and travelled along the river to Southwark Crown Court in south London.

There, the judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, told Harris, who was wearing a grey suit and multi-coloured tie and brandishing a suitcase: 'You have shown no remorse... you have no one to blame but yourself'.

Because of his age, the 84-year-old - who entertained generations of children since he came to the UK from Australia aged 22 in 1952 - may die behind bars.

The Queen will now almost certainly strip Harris of his CBE.

Rolf Harris is jailed for FIVE YEARS and nine months as judge tells paedophile star: 'You have shown no remorse... you have no one to blame but yourself'

Harris, 84, showed no emotion when he sentenced for 12 sexual assaults
Judge told him 'you have shown no remorse', 'you took advantage of trust'
Said he got a 'thrill' from abusing children, declared him a sexual offender
Moments before he was sentenced he was smiling and chatting to guards
Earlier he was laughing and joking as he took a boat from Berkshire home
Daughter Bindi battled away tears as her father was led down to the cells
Emerged police found stash of child abuse images on his computer in 2012
Harris compiled images of 'extremely young' semi-naked children under 13
But charges for indecent images dropped after indecent assault conviction
One victim today said Harris made her feel 'dirty, grubby and disgusting'
His wife Alwen did not join him for sentencing at Southwark Crown Court
Dozens have come forward with further sex abuse claims this week

By Mia De Graaf (external - login to view) and Rebecca Camber (external - login to view)
4 July 2014
Daily Mail

Rolf Harris was jailed for five years and nine months today.

The 84-year-old showed no emotion as he faced the prospect of dying behind bars after he was told he will serve a minimum of three years.

Just hours earlier, the disgraced entertainer had been pictured laughing and joking as he took a boat ride from his home in Bray, Berkshire to court.

Even moments before he was sentenced, Harris appeared relaxed, smiling and chatting to the security guards sitting beside him in the dock.

Sentencing: Rolf Harris sat in the dock solemn-faced with a suitcase as he waited to be sentenced today

Arrived: Rolf Harris arrived at Southwark Crown Court without his wife Alwen

Solemn-faced: The disgraced entertainer forced his way through crowds into packed court house

Porn charges dropped: Harris last night heard he will not stand trial for possessing a stash of child porn

But on learning his fate, Harris’s smile faded as he was led to the cells today, while his daughter Bindi, 50, battled tears.

Mr Justice Sweeney said: ‘You have showed no remorse for your crimes at all.

‘Your reputation now lies in ruins. You have been stripped of your honours but you have no one to blame but yourself.’

He said despite his regard for his TV programmes and charitable works, he was a committed ‘sexual offender’, telling him: ‘You took advantage of the trust placed in you because of your celebrity status to commit the offences.’

The judge said he ‘got a thrill’ from abusing children and clearly ‘fancied’ his daughter’s best friend when she was 13 and he was 48.

Junior prosecutor Esther Schutzer-Weissman told Southwark Crown Court his victims had had their childhood stolen by the sexual predator who was convicted earlier this week of 12 counts of indecent assault.

Bindi’s friend said she remained traumatised by his abuse which started at the age of 13 and was to last 16 years.

She said: ‘The attacks that happened have made me feel dirty, grubby and disgusting.

Awaiting sentence: Rolf Harris, 84, boarded a boat on the River Thames behind his house in Bray, Berkshire, shortly before 7am today with a group including his daughter Bindi as they travel to Southwark Crown Court

Discreet: The family could have left by car but opted for a quieter route as convicted Harris faces death in jail

Convicted: The disgraced entertainer was found guilty of 12 sexual assaults on girls between 1968 and 1986

‘The whole sordid saga has traumatised me.’

Now 49, the victim said she became an alcoholic as a teenager and the abuse robbed her of her dreams of a career and a family.

‘As a young girl I had aspirations to have a career, settle down and have a family,’ she said.

‘However, as a direct result of his actions, this has never materialised.

‘The knowledge of what he had done to me haunted me. However, his popularity with the British public made it harder for me to deal with.

‘Rolf Harris had a hold over me that made me a quivering wreck.

‘He made me feel like a sexual object, he used and abused me to such a degree that it made me feel worthless.

‘My loved ones couldn't understand why I drank so much until I told them what Rolf had done to me for so long.’

She said she had quit alcohol since 2000 but still suffered panic attacks and severe anxiety and was unable to communicate and socialise with people outside a small circle, making her world ‘very small’.

Describing how she had ‘suffered in silence’ for years, she added: ‘Rolf Harris, knowing what he had done to me, put me through the ordeal of appearing in court,’ saying she felt he had tried to humiliate her by getting her to talk about the abuse in a public arena.

‘I believe he thought he could made me crumble which I used to, but I am better than I was.’

Mr Justice Sweeney said of his 16-year abuse: ‘I have no doubt that… it was your crimes against her that resulted in her becoming an alcoholic for many years with all that it entailed and that you caused her severe psychological harm.’

He told the entertainer: 'Rolf Harris, the sentence I pass upon you in total is one of five years and nine months imprisonment.

'Unless released earlier, you will serve half that sentence when you will be released on licence for the remainder of your sentence.

'Should you break the terms of that licence, including by commission of further offences, you will be liable to recall.'

The judge told the court he did not feel it was appropriate to order Harris to pay compensation to his victims, but said: 'You will, however, pay the costs of the prosecution in such sum as may be agreed or assessed in due course.'

Sentence: Nine assaults Harris (left in his mugshot and right with his CBE, which the Queen will now strip him of) committed before 1986 carry a maximum of two years under the law at the time. Three in 1986, after the law changed, carry up to 10 years

Support: Harris was flanked by his wife Alwen and daughter Bindi when the jury found him guilty of all counts

Took advantage: Victim impact statements heard Harris preyed on awestruck girls, 'haunting' them


Passing sentence in a packed courtroom, the judge told Harris: 'For well over 50 years you have been a popular entertainer and TV personality of international standing with a speciality in children's entertainment.

'You are also an artist of renown. You have been the recipient of a number of honours and awards over the years, you have done many good and charitable works and numerous people have attested to your positive good character.

'But the verdicts of the jury show that in the period from 1969 to 1986 you were also a sex offender, committing 12 indecent assaults on four victims who were variously aged between eight and 19 at the time.

'There were a number of aggravating features. You took advantage of the trust placed in you because of your celebrity status to commit the offences against three of the victims.

'All your offences in relation to (Bindi's friend) were committed in breach of the trust that her parents had placed in you and two of them took place in her own home.

'In every case the age gap between you and the victim was a very considerable one. You clearly got a thrill from committing the offences while others were present or nearby. Whilst others did not realise what you were doing their presence added to the ordeal of your victims.'

Read more: Rolf Harris is jailed for FIVE YEARS and nine months as judge tells paedophile star: 'You have shown no remorse... you have no one to blame but yourself' | Mail Online
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