distracted by the on-board computer

Driving without due care causing death

A Mountie in Chilliwack has forfeited 2 days pay after he hit another car while on duty and the driver died of his injuries.
Constable Jordan Braid was fined $1500 dollars last spring after he pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention.
He’d been responding to a domestic disturbance in Agassiz 2 years ago when he swerved into oncoming traffic and hit a Ford Mustang.
20-year-old Steven Genberg was killed.
The result of the RCMP’s disciplinary hearing has only now been made available.
An adjudicator says he couldn’t determine whether Braid’s lack of attention caused the young man’s death.
Braid said he’d been distracted by the on-board computer.
The Mountie, who’d been on the force barely a year at the time of the crash, was reprimanded and had to give up 2 days pay.www.cknw.com/2014/06/02/two-r...eparate-cases/ (external - login to view)

DAMN, you Canadians are harsh!
I hope that whatever he was looking at on the on board computer was related to the 911 call.
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By all reports, this officer had no emergency lights on was looking down at his computer pulled into the oncoming lane head-on and killed a young man.

$1500 fine and two days without pay.

This is being kept extremely quiet by the RCMP in hopes that he'll slip under the radar.

I can just imagine the news coverage it would get if a civilian swerved directly into oncoming traffic while staring at electronic device.

Just one more case of one law for the RCMP and a totally different law for an average citizen.
that is harsh in the extreme the family of the victim, devastated

but harass a co-worker and get a larger fine

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