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Seems Martin is another Liberal that just can't get things right. It was the First Nations that axed the deal, not the Government.

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin says the government’s decision to put the First Nations education bill on hold is “morally wrong” and “unconscionable.”
In an interview airing Sunday on The West Block with Tom Clark (external - login to view), Martin said the decision to shelve Bill C-33 and the money that goes with it, shows the government is playing a “very tough game…really an unfair game with the First Nations.”

On Tuesday the Assembly of First Nations voted to withdraw its support of the government’s First Nations education bill. But the Aboriginal community remains split over the bill, dubbed the First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act. Some saw it as a step in the right direction, and welcomed the $1.9 billion tied to the bill. To others, it was a government imposing too much control over First Nations.

Harper’s actions unconscionable and immoral: Former PM - National | Globalnews.ca (external - login to view)