New York radio hosts fired for transgender remarks

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) -- Two upstate New York radio hosts have been fired over their on-air comments about Rochester's decision to cover gender reassignment surgery for city employees.

Entercom Rochester on Thursday announced the firings of Kimberly Ray and Barry Beck from WBZA, calling their comments "hateful" and saying they don't represent the station.

Ray referred to someone seeking gender reassignment surgery as "a nut job." Beck equated the issue to having the city pay for breast enhancement or liposuction for a mentally ill woman.

The discussion on their "Breakfast Buzz" show Wednesday had generated 4,000 signatures by Thursday on a removal petition.

Phone numbers for the two were unlisted and they couldn't be reached for comment Thursday.

Beginning Jan. 1, Rochester will cover surgeries and counseling related to gender reassignment.

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you're a nut job!

Thats what happens when what you say is not PC. The thought police will get you.
Could well turn into a "nut job".
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If you speak in public representing somebody, that somebody has every right to fire you if you cause them any embarrassment. There is long lists of fired DJs for various reasons.

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