Enbridge pipeline road blocked by protesters in Burlington

whine whine go away, professional protest another day

A group of protesters has blockaded the road to an exposed section of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline early this morning in Burlington, Ont.

The protesters say they plan to continue the blockade for at least 12 hours.

A news release says the 12-hour stay represents 12,000 "anomalies Enbridge has reported to exist on the line."

“Enbridge calls these developments integrity digs,” said Danielle Boissineau, one of the protesters, “but to anyone watching the Line 9 issue, it’s clear Enbridge has no integrity. This work on the line is just a Band-Aid, a flimsy patch over the most outrageous flaws in the Line 9 plan.

“Line 9 has a lot of similarities to Line 6B that erupted in the Kalamazoo River. The risk is just not worth it,” she said.

Enbridge spokesman Graham White says the company plans "to continue the integrity digs elsewhere where there are no protesters."

White says the protesters are "interfering with important safety maintenance for the line. If they're interested in this being a safe line, and for us to maintain that safety for the future, this is exactly counter to those efforts."

From July to December of last year, there were 308 maintenance digs along Line 9 — and the vast majority were for cracks in the line. In July alone, Enbridge filed 105 maintenance notices for digs on the line, according to documents filed with the National Energy Board.

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Enbridge pipeline road blocked by protesters in Burlington - Latest Hamilton news - CBC Hamilton
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Now that makes lots of sense. Block crews that are trying to prevent leaks from happening to protest pipeline leaks. Be like going on strike to protest a wage hike.
they be edgy
They all drove to get there. LOL

That's f-cked. If you are going to protest oil, park your car where the news crews can't film it.
These morons would cut off their noses to spite their faces; better to ship it by rail or truck and up the potential of spill along with increasing carbon emissions.

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