Britain Snorts So Much Cocaine...........

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Speed fiends are polluting the United Kingdom’s water supply with their fierce appetite for cocaine. Recent reports indicate that use of powdered go-go juice is so high across Britain that water treatment centers are actually finding traces of the drug in the drinking water.

Britain Snorts So Much Cocaine It's Now in Their Water Supply | High Times (external - login to view)

This does explain a lot when it comes to our resident Brit.

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Britain Snorts So Much Cocaine...........

*yelling from the back row*

"How much cocaine do they snort"?
bill barilko
FYI-Cocaine and Speed are two different drugs.
To a Brit?
This does explain a lot about a certain poster here.
He's naturally high. In some circles they call that being "special". I don't know if that means they are unique or on sale.

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