'Swirl face' jailed for three months!

Christopher Paul Neil, convicted sex offender, jailed for 3 months - British Columbia - CBC News

Why bother? It's just a waste of resources. Parachute the bastard to Ellesmere Island with a box of matches and a pocket knife! Ooops hold on, maybe they're hoping to get him killed!
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I always love it when reports keep bringing up how he was originally identified:

"He sparked a worldwide Interpol manhunt when German police were able to digitally unscramble internet photos of him sexually abusing boys in Southeast Asia."

Digitally Unscramble?

Other reports noted "German Experts" and such.

What he used was a very basic Photoshop Filter Effect that anybody and their dog could do.... as well as undo.


Move the slide bar all the way to one side to rotate the image into a swirl.

How to you fix it?


Move the slide bar all the way to the other side to rotate the image back to it's original position.

I did this in college once while learning the basics of the program and not only could I undo the procedure easily, but the image was restored to the exact pixel to what it looked like when I opened the file.

I always wondered what these experts did to restore the image because it looks like they didn't get it exactly right.

They got it right enough to identify him, but still not exact and I wonder how long it took them to restore it with whatever procedure they used when such a simple option in Photoshop can do it for you in 2 seconds or less.

I still remember when this whole thing broke the news and they showed the image unswirled on the news & how they talked about their masterful success in identifying the guy from a photo that looked unfixable.

I just shook my head and kind of laughed.

I'm glad they found the guy, but if the officials actually handed this photo off to anybody with a shred of Photoshop experience, they would have had the guy in custody within hours.
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