Parliament Hill anti-fracking demo not a big draw

OTTAWA - The left-wing Council of Canadians staged an anti-fracking demo on Parliament Hill, giving New Democrat MPs a series of petitions calling for a ban on drilling for the unconventional natural gas supplies."There is no safe way of disposing of fracking wastewater," said Council campaigner Emma Lui, one of fewer than a half-dozen protesters, said Thursday.

Lui used a mock-up of a natural gas rig made of plastic pipes and electrical tape to dramatize a wastewater leak as gas is extracted from shale deposits.

Colin Carrie, the parliamentary secretary to Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq, said the fears are unfounded.

"The Alberta Energy Regulator, the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy Resources confirm there's never been a proven case of well-water contamination resulting from hydraulic fracturing under their jurisdictions," he said.

A new fracking report for Environment Canada also finds "the risks due to surface activities will likely be minimal" with proper precautions, though it also called for better research and monitoring.

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