The robocall scandal has now ended.
A thorough investigation has yielded…..nothing.
The police and all levels of government have now ceased investigating this issue.
The only politician reprimanded was a member of the NDP party.
Interestingly over 90% of the Fed robocall claims came from an internet site that seems to have been
part of the “Dump Harper” network, I wonder where the funding for that came from?

The Nigel Wright scandal is over.
Nothing illegal happened and the investigation is over.

Ex Cons Duffy, Wallen and Brazeau as well as ex Lib Harb all remain under police
Investigation and probably will be charged soon.
I believe ex Liberal senator Levigne is still in prison on similar fraud type charges.

The police investigation into the Ontario Liberals continues to ramp steadily up.
More warrants and summons have been issued than Carters has pills.
Nobody seems to have seen anything.

The Alberta Conservative ex Premier Allison Redford seems to be entitled to her entitlements.
She refuses to attend Caucus or a sitting Legislature and yet insists she is completely entitled to all assorted perks, pay and expense claims.
Speculation is that she refuses to work because of “medical” issues.
Undoubtedly brought on by being booted out of the Premiers office.

And on the gravy train rumbles.