Quebeckers Acting Like Themselves

bill barilko
No one should be surprised when people who have been on the Gov't teat all their lives act like complete idiots

Easter egg hunt in Laval goes horribly wrong
10,000 show up for hunt where kids got knocked over, parents snatched eggs from other kids' baskets

An Easter egg hunt in Laval, Que., involving thousands of people turned into a mad scramble, with parents snatching eggs from children's baskets to give to their own kids

Laval, Que., was the scene of an Easter egg hunt gone so bad that organizers are considering having police on hand for the next edition.

More than 10,000 Easter egg hunters and their parents showed up to the Cocothon event last Saturday at Laval’s Nature Centre. About 7,000 more people than expected showed up for the annual egg hunt.

Displeased with the delay in the start of the hunt, some parents disassembled the fence, causing both children and parents to lurch forward ahead of the scheduled depart time.

“The hunt was supposed to start at noon, but some people arrived at 9:30 a.m. and got impatient,” said Cocothon organizer Angella Pattas.

“It was really the beginning of the loss of control.”

Some children got pushed over as others ran forth to scoop up plastic eggs containing treats.

Other youngsters came away with nothing — especially after some parents snatched eggs out of other children’s baskets to give them to their own kids.

Luckily, no one was injured.

However, some angry parents took to Facebook to demand a refund for the $3 entrance fee.

Pattas apologized for the failures in the organization of the event. She also criticized parents for behaving the way they did.

“I really did not expect this,” she said.
We had Dora the Explorer come to the mall near us a couple years ago and there was a riot. A RIOT! It was ridiculous.
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This is not exclusive to Quebecers. This is selfishness and impatience on the part of some stupid parents and bad planning by the Centre de la Nature plain and simple. The one I was at and have been going to for 15 years went beautifully as usual.
Damn bunch of Christians.
The parents that stole (and that is what they did) eggs from a child's basket are pathetic. So, you were pissed off because your kid didn't get any treats so you decided to make it so another kid didn't get any instead? Here's a big hearty f-uck you to those dipwads. You don't deserve the title of parent, as you're nothing but a piece of trash.

And for the ones that showed up at 9:30am and got restless because of that? Well, if they had half a brain and DIDN'T show up 2 1/2 hours BEFORE the hunt started, maybe you wouldn't be so restless.

And the poster above who stated that this sort of behaviour wasn't just indicative of Quebec is quite correct. Parents everywhere seem to have forgotten that they are adults and need to start acting like one.

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