New smartphone app wakes you up with smell of bacon

New smartphone app wakes you up with smell of bacon

This one’s for serious bacon lovers: "Bacon experts" have developed a new app and plug-in accessory that will gently nudge sleepers awake by diffusing the smell of bacon from their smartphone.

Developed by Oscar Mayer, the same folks who created a luxury Father's Day gift set that included bacon-shaped cufflinks, the “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” app could be called the 21st century version of smell-o-vision.

To apply for the plug-in scent diffuser, fans must answer a quick quiz on the site and hope to be selected as an ‘official bacon beta tester.’

The plug-in accessory is not for sale.
Then, after receiving the diffuser which plugs into the bottom of an iPhone, users set their morning alarm in order to be nudged gently awake by the -- albeit simulated -- smell of sizzling bacon.

The diffuser also comes with a refill.

Meanwhile, a cheeky promotional video uploaded on YouTube this week parodies cinematic luxury perfume ads with a theatrical look at the bacon alarm clock, in which an attractive woman dreams that it’s raining bacon strips and that gardens grow bacon rose buds.

The bacon clock is the latest innovation in scent-powered mobile phones. Japanese company Scentee has also developed a smartphone, plug-in accessory that can diffuse scents.

Recently, the company announced a collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz restaurant to develop an app that will diffuse the smell of his dishes.

The Wake Up and Smell the Bacon contest runs until April 4 and supplies are limited.

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Waaaaaay too much time on people's hands.
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Waaaaaay too much time on people's hands.

Say's the guy trolling an Internet forum..
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I have one of those - coffee. It's called a timer

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