Suspect licks officer’s eye during arrest

Mont. suspect licks officer's eye during arrest (external - login to view)

Christopher Nicholas Hiatt, 34, is in jail on a felony charge of assault on a peace officer and misdemeanor charges of assault with a bodily fluid, criminal contempt and probation violation.

(Butte Police Department Image)

Police say Hiatt called to report a theft on Saturday night and dispatchers realized he was wanted on a contempt warrant out of Lewis and Clark County. Officers later found Hiatt outside of Pisser's Palace in Walkerville.

When officers attempted to apprehend Hiatt, he fought and wouldn't let them handcuff him. Police say when officers tried to put him in a patrol car; he licked one of their eyes. The assault with a bodily fluid charge stems from the saliva.

Hiatt is behind bars on $26,000 bond.

So weird.
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He French kissed an officer's eye? That is just kinky.
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Candy's dandy, but a licker's quicker.
If he had given the policeman eye candy, would he have been charged with bribery?

Pisser's Palace in Walkerville

Is there a King Pisser?
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