Portland woman strangles hitman with bare hands

A few years back but it's part of the story.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KABC) – A Portland woman came home one night and found a stranger in her house with a hammer and the intent to kill her.

Susan Walters came home eight years ago to find Edward Haffey waiting inside with a hammer. A 14-minute struggle ensued, until Walters strangled Haffey with her bare hands.

“I told him, ‘Tell me who sent you here and I will call you an ambulance,’” Walters said.

Haffey never told her and later died. Police, however, discovered that her husband, Michael Khunhausen, had paid the attacker $50,000 for the job.

Walters [Snip: That should be Khunhausen] eventually agreed to a plea deal that gave him a 10-year sentence.

Khunhausen goes before a parole board later this year, and Walters is concerned for her safety. She plans to testify at his parole hearing.

“Although I’ve forgiven my ex-husband for who he became, what he did to me and all those who he loved, I cannot forget what he’s capable of,” Walters said.

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holy cra*. Clone her.
Geez. I guess that was one hitman that honoured his contract! Kind of stupid seeing as it ended up causing his death, and it's not like he would have gotten the $50k either way!

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