Well Anders is an idiot. Anyone that disagrees is, well wrong. But that is OK. Hopefully time will cure that.
Liepert is challenging him for the nomination.

This time Rob Anders might just lose, his rival says | National Post

CALGARY — Ron Liepert says it’s a myth that controversial Calgary MP Rob Anders is somehow untouchable after a 17-year run in federal politics.

And it’s a streak he’s hoping to bust when federal Conservatives in the riding on Calgary Signal Hill pick their nominee on Saturday.

Liepert, a former high-profile cabinet minister in Alberta’s Progressive Conservative government, has been embroiled in a nasty challenge of Anders for the Conservative nomination in the new federal riding.

The race has made headlines across the country as the party has declared that incumbents, such as the staunchly-conservative Anders, will no longer be protected in nomination races.

“The ironic thing about this nomination is it’s being watched Canada-wide and the primary reason is because he’s been so controversial and he’s always got this myth about him that he’s almost undefeatable,” said Liepert, 64, in an interview at his campaign office.