This is worse than Slapshot

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How crazy is this. The Fire department vs the Police Department in a CHARITY game get into a bench clearing brawl. lol Does it get any worse than that? What a gong show.

A Bench-Clearing Brawl at an FDNY vs NYPD Hockey Game - YouTube

New York doncha know. !
A bench clearing brawl has happened before I personally enjoy a good scrap at a hockey
game even one that clears the bench. People make too much of it. The Canucks that
useless team eliminated tonight cause they didn't have any tough guys who can fight.
No I don't think all you need is goons but you need people who can skate and shoot and
those who can fight and own the corners and the boards. This was a charity game and a
good one the fans got a thrill

now if we had tackle golf and tennis I would watch those two sports

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