Couple gets death sentences for text messages

Couple gets death sentences for text messages

Apr 7, 2014
, Last Updated: 11:44 AM ET
A Christian couple in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for sending blasphemous text messages to local Muslims.
The poor, uneducated couple was accused of sending insulting messages about the Prophet Mohammed, Pakistan Today reported (external - login to view).
The paper reported Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kausar were sentenced to death, even though the prosecution didn't present any concrete evidence.
The couple's lawyer, Nadeem Hassan, said police didn't recover the cellphone from which the text messages were sent, and Kausar had told police her phone had been lost for a month, the paper reported.
The couple and their four children were immediately detained.
"The police tortured Shafqat to confess before a judicial magistrate but the crippled man had retracted his statement when we moved the court to record his statement again," Hassan said.
Hassan also told the paper the complainants who received the messages "greatly pressured" the judge to give the death penalty.

Couple gets death sentences for text messages (external - login to view)

Perhaps a group of people who would kill someone over what they say shouldn't have access to technology like cell phones. Just a thought.
Keep up the Jew induced hatred and blow back like this going to cost humanity dearly.
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Hopefully the executions wont be carried out. Pakistan hasnt executed anyone in a few years so there is a decent chance that they wont be. That person was a soldier executed for murder too which is a pretty big difference.
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Keep up the Jew induced hatred and blow back like this going to cost humanity dearly.

That comment is very sick. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jews, and only a total and complete racist would think that it did.

If Petros does not know that far too much of the Muslim world despises everyone that is NOT Muslim, then he has his head buried in the sand.

You should be totally ashamed of making an anti-religious, and hate filled comment such as you have done! But, anyone that would even consider making a comment like this, is already so prejudiced that standards of humanity don't matter to them.

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