It is a good start. U.N. Court Orders Japan to Stop Whale Hunt

It is a good start. U.N. Court Orders Japan to Stop Whale Hunt

U.N. Orders Japan to End Annual Whale Hunt JARPA II - TIME (external - login to view)

The U.N.’s International Court of Justice ruled Monday that Japan must end its annual whale hunt, despite the country’s claims that the whales are hunted for scientific purposes.

While most of the rest of the world refrains from hunting the often-endangered sea creatures, Japan justifies its annual hunt known as JARPA II with the argument that the whales are hunted for scientific research. Whale meat, however, is commonly eaten in Japan.

But the U.N. called Japan’s bluff this week. The court found that scientific research “cannot depend simply on that State’s perception” and ordered Japan to “revoke any extant authorization, permit or license to kill, take or treat whales in relation to JARPA II, and refrain from granting any further permits.”

Environmental activists have been fighting to end the whale hunt for years, some going so far as to stalk the Japanese fleets to interrupt their hunt. Australia brought the challenge to the International Court of Justice, which led to Monday’s ruling. (external - login to view)

478 US 221 Japan Whaling Association v. American Cetacean Society Baldrige | OpenJurist (external - login to view)
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It'd be nice if they stopped but I doubt they will. The UN doesnt really have the means to stop them or really any country from doing anything they want.
Quote: Originally Posted by WLDBView Post

It'd be nice if they stopped but I doubt they will. The UN doesnt really have the means to stop them or really any country from doing anything they want.

This case gives the Japanese Govt cover when the ruling goes against them.
Another case going to the courts is China and the Philippines. Differing objectives but we will see if each abides by treaties they have signed on for.
And yet, this will have a far better result of doing anything remotely tangible towards stopping their whaling compared to the sensationalized & childish antics of the Sea Shepherds that have been going on for years.

Sure, they boast about how they're stopping their whaling or slowing them down, but we can only take their word on that.... meanwhile, they still eat whale meat back on land in Japan.

Moral of the story is that you'll have a better chance at stopping or reducing something if you seek the proper avenues.... going vigilante in situations like this doesn't help & the sea shepherds should be disbanded for all the good they ever accomplish.

They go out looking for the ships and like petty children, they toss rotten food at them, or spray them with frigid ocean water from hoses (which I would consider a form of assault or worse) or even try to ram their ships or drive in their path so they get hit... then cry to global media that they're the victims and that they were rammed.

And they think any of this accomplishes anything?

Maybe it accomplishes them getting more money and funding from more idiots who are affected by such stupid things, and thus, leads them to being able to continue fueling their diesel polluting ships.

And of course:
Arrows Fired at Japanese Ship (external - login to view)

While I do not condone the Japanese for their whaling or whatever their actions are, the International Court is where you take this stuff, and the Japanese should have sunk every Sea Shepherd ship that came near them. They have no authority and are just a bunch of misguided self righteous vigilante hippies who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it because the people they target are somehow "Worse" than they are.

Now at least, governments can get a step closer to getting real ships and real authority involved... who are actually accountable to someone, who have some teeth, so things can be done by the books & maybe some real results can start happening.

..... there you go.... and discuss:
bill barilko
Whale is red meat like any other-and there is no shortage of Whales.
The UN is a joke. They have NO lawful authority over any sovereign nation. I believe we should pull out of the UN and stop sending them money because they are a worthless entity whose sole purpose is to overrule the sovereinty of all nations.
So the broken nuclear plants get a pass but whale hunting is important enough to cover.

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