Putinís reaction is a must-see.
Interview: NATO claims the missile shield was not built against you but against Iran.
[Putin begins laughing almost uncontrollably]
Putin: You really make me laugh. God bless you because itís almost time to finish the dayÖ indeed itís already time to go to sleep. At least I get home in good humor.

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Whatís even more humorous is the seriousness of the interviewerís subsequent reaction to being laughed at.
It seems that he actually believed the notion that NATO built its missile defense shield to protect from Iran, a country which, according to U.S. intelligence reports (external - login to view), has yet to develop not only the nuclear technology, but the inter-continental ballistic missile systems capable of delivering such technology all the way from Iran.
The propaganda on both sides is actually pretty funny considering how ridiculous the back and forth posturing has gotten, especially in recent months.
What wonít be funny is when Europe, Russia, China and the United States eventually use it to facilitate entry into a global conflict involving billions of people.
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