"Happy Ending" Billboard Near LAX Offends Some Asian Americans

Of course it would. Of course.

Wouldn't surprise me if some busybody whitetrash arsehole likely saw it and told some oriental guy 'hey, I saw something that should offend you, we should complain about it'...or maybe not. People aren't really like that are they?

Tao Nightclub & Asian Bistro in Las Vegas makes no secret of its tendency to fetishize the cultures on which it bases is cuisine and Buddha-lined interior. (See photo, on the next page).

It's a nightlife theme park where the Disney princesses dress as R-rated geishas. That's bad enough for some Asian Americans. But a billboard near LAX is straight-up racist (external - login to view) in the eyes of some.

Affinity China CEO Christine Lu (external - login to view), who uses LAX a lot to travel overseas as part of the business investment firm, this week spotted Tao's "Always a Happy Ending" billboard for the second time and tweeted it out to the world, including to L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, in disgust:

Happy ending, of course, refers to the sexual denouement at some illicit massage parlors. The billboard's image of a woman's back, covered in Chinese tattoos, drives the sexual point home.


"Happy Ending" Billboard Near LAX Offends Some Asian Americans | The Informer | Los Angeles | Los Angeles News and Events | LA Weekly (external - login to view)
Can't please everyone.
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