U of Regina cheerleaders in hot water for cowboys and Indians event

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The University of Regina's administration has apologized after the school's cheerleaders planned a "culturally inappropriate" cowboys and Indians night.

The cheer team members dressed up Thursday night for their last practice, the group said on its Instagram account, where the photos were initially posted.

University president Vianne Timmons said she learned about the social event, which involved "culturally inappropriate themes and costumes," Saturday morning.

"The theme and costumes chosen were offensive and completely inconsistent with the values of this university," she said in a statement on the university's Facebook page, apologizing to the university community.

"In particular, I want to apologize to all people of Aboriginal ancestry associated with this University. They have a right to expect better of our institution."

Timmons said the coach apologized and team members will take cultural sensitivity training. The university will determine whether they need to be disciplined further, Timmons said.

The cheer team apologized on Twitter "for the photos."

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The theme and costumes chosen were offensive...well no, just the indian ones eh. Gimme a break.

Squeamish, politically correct invetebrates.
Culturally insensitive for sure. I know a couple of cowboys that are livid!
Terrible...horrible........frickin no mind university administration twats.

I played cowboys and Indians when I was growing up and my Mom and Grandmother never objected about it and never found it to be "offensive". I know Bear also played cowboys and Indians (but he always played the Indian and the Indians kicked the cowboys a$$es when he played...lol)......and his grandparents didn't have a problem with it. So, who all is having a problem with cheerleaders in skimpy costumes?
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