Massachusetts DOT just built 60 parking spaces for a homeless shelter

A homeless shelter eh.

Snagging a parking spot in Boston is no easy task. But officials from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation are hoping that a new partnership with a property management company, which will open up two new lots in the city, will help ease some driversí frustrations.

In a joint announcement, MassDOT officials said they have reached an agreement with GTI Properties, a locally owned and operated property management and development company, to provide parking in two lots underneath the elevated bit of Interstate 93ís Southeast Expressway.

For Boston drivers, the licensing agreement between the state agency and the privately-owned firm means that 235 parking spaces will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for public use. However, 60 of those spaces will be used by the nearby homeless shelter, The Pine Street Inn, and 15 more will be reserved for Zipcars. On top of that, 12 will be go directly to the more eco-friendly drivers that putt around Boston in electric vehicles, knocking the overall total down a notch.


MassDOT Opens Hundreds of Parking Spots Under 93 Southeast Expressway (external - login to view)
Way to many homeless Americans are living in their vehicles........


Electric cars shouldn't receive preferential parking.
lone wolf
Do these homeless cars have to be licensed and legal? Is there a long-term rate?

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