Got cancer? That's a deporting.

Mother forced to bring up daughter alone after her American husband is deported from Britain because he had cancer and is a '98,000 burden on the taxpayer'

  • Lorraine Marx, 56, nursed husband when he was diagnosed with leukaemia
  • But he was escorted onto a plane and deported against medical advice
  • Home Office ruled Ralph Marx, 56, had become burden on the taxpayer
  • Couple, who have 10-year-old daughter Alexandra, married 13 years ago
  • Mr Marx chose not to apply for residency status when he wed Mrs Marx
  • It meant the engineer could only stay in UK for up to six months at a time


Mother forced to bring up daughter alone after her US husband was asked to leave UK because he had cancer | Mail Online
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Gotta say I don't have much sympathy for the guy. He has been there for years and never bothered to apply for residency or citizenship so he has to live by the rules of being a visitor. In reality he is quite lucky the NHS is forgiving a $200,000 bill. My bet is he regrets his decisions to live in the UK as a visitor and not as an immigrant but that was his choice. Trying to circumvent the rules by playing the sympathy card reeks of desperation and a complete disregard for personal responsibility for your own choices.

There are a couple of things in the article that make me want to tell him to f*ck off. Claiming he hasn't had access to his medical team since he left England??? Like Tennessee doesn't have an oncologist! And she claims they are a 'taxpaying family' yet as a visitor he is not required to pay taxes in the UK therefore not entitled to any benefit from the govt including $200k of medical care. She also claims to have paid "hundreds of thousands of pounds" in taxes yet she was a CPO in the navy which pays about $60k max (plus all those years at junior NCO ranks which pay less) so unless she was taxed at 80% for the last 20 years it is quite the exaggeration.

In the end this is a sad story of someone having to live with a decision they made. Cancer is a horrible disease but it does not grant an automatic do-over in life. He made his bed (and his choice) many years ago and now he has to lie in it.
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