Gaping hole to mark Breivik victims in Norway

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BBC News - Gaping hole to mark Breivik victims in Norway (external - login to view)
A slice of rock removed from the mainland near the island of Utoeya is the winning design for a memorial to commemorate the victims of Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.

Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg says Memory Wound "reproduces the physical experience of taking away, reflecting the abrupt and permanent loss".

Rubble from the 1,000 cu m slice of rock will form part of a memorial in Oslo where Breivik detonated a bomb.

Breivik was jailed in August 2012.

He was given 21 years in prison after he admitted killing 77 people, bombing the Norwegian capital before opening fire at a youth camp on

A digital impression of the memorial shows a gaping hole in the headland near Utoeya island

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