Edmonton warehouse attack leaves 2 dead, at least 6 hurt

Edmonton warehouse attack leaves 2 dead, at least 6 hurt - Edmonton - CBC News
Two people are dead and at least six are in hospital following a stabbing attack at a grocery warehouse in northwest Edmonton.

Several ambulances and police cars are at the Loblaws, or Western Grocers, warehouse at 16104 121A Ave.

The attack happened at about 2:15 p.m. MT.

One witness reported seeing bodies on the ground and was told two of the victims had died.

The same witness also reported seeing the suspect, dressed in military garb, fleeing the scene.

Shelly Paulson, who works across the street from the warehouse, said they were told to lock the doors and stay inside.
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Geeez, I guess sissyboy didn't check to see if someone already posted the news.
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Geeez, I guess sissyboy didn't check to see if someone already posted the news.

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Police arrest suspect after two killed, four injured in warehouse stabbing

By Chris Purdy, The Canadian Press | The Canadian Press 10 hours ago

EDMONTON - Workers at an Edmonton grocery warehouse ran for their lives Friday as a man carrying a knife in each hand went on what police call "a bit of a rampage," killing two and injuring four others.
"It's a vast warehouse complex and we found victims throughout the complex," said acting Insp. Malcolm Allan. "We have dozens of witnesses. This individual went throughout the business assaulting people."
When workers at the Loblaws distribution centre in northwest Edmonton were finally allowed to leave, many were visibly shaken.
"His car was parked right beside mine," one man said of his encounter with the assailant. "He said, `you want to get stabbed?' "
The man paused, his voice began to crack and then he drove away, telling reporters: "Sorry, guys, can't take it, gotta go."
Aaron Nganatafam, who had been inside the warehouse, said he knew the attacker and considered him "very weird. No friends, nothing ... It was like in the movies, really."
A suspect, 29-year-old Jayme Pasieka, was arrested without incident on the city's south side about three hours later after officers received a tip from "a vigilant citizen" who noticed a vehicle matching a description that had been issued by police.
Allan said Pasieka is an employee at the warehouse, which employs at least 100 people and handles food for the Superstore grocery chain, though it is not known if he was on shift Friday.
Pasieka was convicted in 2010 of assault with a weapon and uttering threats and was sentenced to 15 months probation.
The Edmonton Journal covered the trial and said Pasieka threw eggs at a neighbour's vehicle, set a heart-shaped fire on their street and brandished a bow and arrow. Pasieka told police he did it in the name of The Queen. The man's father told court he had suffered a head injury three years earlier.
Allan said police now have to sort through a complex crime scene that spans an area about the size of two football fields.
He said a motive for the attack isn't yet known but noted the assailant was armed and appeared to be wearing some sort of body armour: "That suggests there may have been some pre-planning."
A Loblaw spokesman said the company's full attention "is on the health and well-being of our colleagues."
Kevin Groh, vice-president of corporate affairs, would not comment further "given this is an active police investigation."
The identities of the victims have not yet been released, but police said two of the survivors were quite seriously injured while the other two sustained non-life-threatening injuries.
"It was quite chaotic at first," said Allan. "There's a lot of traumatized people. We have our victims' services people in a full-court press in that regard. We're trying to help these individuals as best we can."

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All knives need to be banned.

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A jury has found an Edmonton man guilty of first-degree murder for stabbing two co-workers to death in a bloody attack at a Loblaws grocery warehouse.

Jayme Pasieka, 32, has also been convicted on four counts of attempted murder and four counts of aggravated assault in the attack three years ago.

Pasieka looked blankly ahead as the jury declared the 10 guilty verdicts in court.

Relatives of the victims hugged, cried and held hands. One woman whispered "yes" as she clenched her fist.

Loblaws' employees, some wearing blue hoodies with the corporation's logo, sat in quiet support of their colleagues who were killed or wounded in the stabbings.

Pasieka faces two automatic life sentences.

Crown prosecutor Kim Goddard said she will consider asking that Pasieka have no parole eligibility for 50 years.

"With a jury trial you never know what to expect, but I am sure the families are satisfied with the verdict," she said outside court.
Thierno Bah, 41, and Fitzroy Harris, 50, were killed in the stabbing attack. Four other men were injured.

Much of the case focused on whether Pasieka, who has schizophrenia, was capable of planning the attack and intended to kill his co-workers.

He testified in his own defence and said he had given up on life, was hearing voices in his head and hoped that if he stabbed people he would get the help he needed.

Defence lawyer Peter Royal said during closing arguments that Pasieka had severe schizophrenia and told police after the attack that he didn't plan to kill and that he felt sad about what happened.

Goddard told the jury that Pasieka's mental health symptoms were mild and evidence showed he planned to end his own suffering by killing others.

The jury heard that on the day of the attack Pasieka wore a military-style vest, dressed all in black and left his Edmonton home armed with two knives.

Before going to work, he went to a store at West Edmonton Mall to buy two extra knives and had a normal conversation with a clerk. He testified that he purchased the additional knives in case the first two became dull.

When Pasieka arrived at the Loblaws warehouse, he signed in for his shift and put on a sweatshirt to hide the weapons.

Goddard said Pasieka then walked slowly toward a group of co-workers before stabbing people multiple times, aiming for the chest and head.

A forensic psychiatrist testified that Pasieka would have understood that inflicting severe injury on someone would have led to death.
The psychiatrist also said Pasieka was capable of exercising free will and making choices.

Goddard said this trial was not the first time that she has prosecuted someone with schizophrenia that used their mental health as part of their defence.

She said such cases are more complex, but each is different.

Goddard said many people with the mental disorder seek help from family and physicians.

"The diagnosis of schizophrenia in and of itself it is scary if you don't know about it. But if you know people with schizophrenia, you realize that there are people who are able to function, who are able to get help," she said.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Pasieka did not take any of those steps."

A date for the sentencing hearing, including victim impact statements, has not been set.

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