My opinion- If guilty substantial fines should be imposed.
If they made 5 Million- make it 25 M as a fine
Energy traders in AB are not regulated as Securities traders are. This should change.

Jail time-For those involved. As this is fraud, 2 tyears less a day should be the Min- - then they serve 4 months.

TransAlta Corp. accused of manipulating electricity market

Calgary company denies allegations

TransAlta Corp. accused of manipulating electricity market (external - login to view)

And yes they have done this before. And the fine- Chump change.

TransAlta admits to manipulating electricity prices - Business - CBC News

The admission was filed in a document from TransAlta to the Alberta Utilities Commission.

In the agreed statement of facts, TransAlta says it broke the Alberta Utilities Act last November and is offering to pay $370,000 in penalties.

The Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta (IPCAA) says the fine isn't enough because of the large amount of extra costs passed on to consumers.

"I think it should be equal to whatever the consequence was directly to consumers that were taking energy during those hours," said Sheldon Fulton of IPCAA, an industry consumer group. "That information is available ... if that was 60 per cent of the consumers in the province itís 60 per cent of $5 million, so itís a $3 million fine, but the fine should be set on the impact of the ratepayer."