25,000 litres of a caustic chemical spilled into the Columbia River.

This is not the first time Teck has had a major spill, whether intentional or unintentional.
In 2004, the company was sued by a the Colville Confederated Tribes and later the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for environmental damage caused by operations at its Trail smelter dating back to 1896. Eight years later, Teck admitted in U.S. court to dumping millions of tonnes of slag into the river.
In 2008, the company accidentally dumped 1,000 kilograms of lead solution into the Columbia River. It was later fined $115,000 for what the judge called significant negligence.

Teck smelter spills chemical solution into Columbia River - British Columbia - CBC News
One thing we can realize is that, no matter what great accomplishments come from Canada in the years to come, they will be overshadowed by our nation's truly ****ty record on the environment.
With all these lawsuits is it any wonder there is little industry left in Canada and even less interest in starting new ones? Especially lawsuits attempting to apply todays laws to yesterday's disposal methods.
L Gilbert
In the news? At the top of the article it says, " Sep 10, 2012 6:21 PM PT" Is the CBC that desperate for news it has to bring out retro articles?
I'm going to hire lawyer and start a class action against US Govt for all the fall out that rained down over Canada from 200 above ground nuke tests in Nevada.

The Cancers spread by those f-cking tests killed millions.

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