Your privacy is about to get a heck of a lot smaller.

Your privacy sphere, small as it is now, will get a heck of a lot smaller.

NameTag: Facial recognition app criticized as creepy and invasive - Your Community

If all goes well for the developers of a new facial recognition app, getting detailed personal information about a stranger in your midst could one day be as easy as glancing in their direction.

Released in beta for Google Glass last month, "NameTag" works by scanning the face of a person captured in Glass' video feed against photos from dating sites and social media networks to determine who they are - everything from their name and occupation, to their latest post on Instagram.

The app's creator,, says it uses "some of the most accurate facial recognition software in the world" to compare millions of public records, returning a stranger's name, additional photos, and links to their public social media profiles within seconds.

"No longer will social media be limited to the screens of desktops, tablets and smartphones," reads a press release issued by the company. "With the NameTag app running on Google Glass a user can simply glance at someone nearby and instantly see that person's name, occupation and even visit their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles in real-time."

While currently only available to Google Glass beta testers, hopes to bring the app to smartphones in the future. This would allow users to snap photos of people around them, upload said photos to the app, and scan for personal information on the spot.

The company also claims its technology can let users scan more than 450,000 entries in the U.S. National Sex Offender Registry, potentially identifying another person's criminal background upon site.
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We are slowly become what we have always condemned but hey
we will have cheap shoes from Walmart doesn't that make up for
Big Brother! Let's all gather and praise Big Brother. The ruling class are getting more paranoid by the day.


I don't trust anyone that makes fun of my tinfoil hat. They are either in on it or the next victims, either way I don't want them near me
They probably said the same thing about fingerprints years ago...

The new IPhone uses fingerprint recognition to unlock your phone
Samsung and other Android devices use facial recognition....... (external - login to view)

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