British Guy Running Across canada for Charity Mugged in Banff

He had hoped to finish in time for Christmas but injuries and bad weather have caused delays, and he has the final quarter from Banff through the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver left to run.

Mr McDonald, from Gloucester, said he had seen the new year in with a crowd of people and was set upon after moving from the street to an apartment building.

"I've got a bit of a whacking headache. I got hammered quite a few times by some blows to the head," he said.

"The bag was the most important thing of my life - it held everything of this whole adventure, all the video footage, my credit cards, everything I own."

The fundraiser, who is running most of the 5,000-miles dressed as comic book superhero The Flash, said he had reported the incident to the local police.


BBC News - Jamie McDonald: Cross-Canada runner 'beaten up'
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