Playing in Cairo snow a first in 112 years

Playing in Cairo snow a first in 112 years

Snow is blanketing Cairo for the first time in 112 years, according to reports. And while there were scenes of car accidents and people not looking too happy about the weather, a lot of people decided to have some fun and take a snow day.

Children made snow angels while their parents held umbrellas (Iíll give them a break because they probably donít have proper winter gear), people throw snow balls at each other and others made snowmen.


Playing in Cairo snow a first in 112 years | KNLive

Odd sight to say the least, lol. Looks like they're having fun with the novelty of it though.
The Champions League (European Cup) group match between Galatasaray (of Istanbul) and Juventus (of Turin) was postponed on Tuesday night because of snow in Istanbul.

That's global warming for you, I suppose.

The match was played on Wednesday night instead, but there was still a bit of snow. Galatasaray won 1-0. The result put Galatasaray into the Last 16, whereas the once-mighty Italian side are out at the group stage.

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