Miners Spill a Million Liters of Radioactive Acid in a National Park

Well-played boys.

About a million liters of radioactive acid sludge accidentally poured out of a tank at the Ranger uranium mine in northern Australia. As if the spill itself weren't bad enough, the mine is also located in the Kakadu National Park, where most of Crocodile Dundee was filmed. That place is a national treasure.

Luckily, this catastrophic-sounding event might be resolved without too much destruction. The people who run the mine say they can clean up the mess easily and there's been "no impact to the environment," because the spill was confined to the mine. Whether or not this is actually true remains to be seen, as the radioactive acid sludge is strong enough to damage the local ecosystem if it makes it into the nearby water supply. Again, this would be bad since this mine is sitting smack dab in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Miners Spill a Million Liters of Radioactive Acid in a National Park
This is why there should be no industrial mining in National Parks
areas set aside for future generations. I do believe however we
should be logging in the parks on a restricted basis to ensure we
don't see pine beetle and other infestations. We also need to see
that the area is kept in good condition to protect it from fire.
This idea of allowing fuel to build on forest floors is not a good idea
and can be dangerous
National Parks are a joke. They are resource rich lands set aside as collateral for loans.

We lost our most precious parks to the IMF who turned them into UNESCO parks. Banff/Jasper/Yoho and more are no longer Canadian assets.
Petros you do have a point and we need to get them back as soon as
someone develops some political will. I am against world heritage sites
Canada for Canadians I say in all things.
We'd have to buy them back. Harper created a new one in NWT to pay for the The Deh Cho Bridge.

Mulroney created Grasslands National along with Gov of SK to pay for the building of the Rafferty/Alameda Dam and Shand power plant.

Under Grasslands National sit several Billion $ in nat gas and oil.

Nearly all the power from the Shand plant goes to North Dakota at a huge discount.

What a f*cking rip off.

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