A grandmother has made a splash in her local village after digging up a peculiar potato - shaped exactly like a duck.

Dorothea Clinton, 73, was left stunned when she unearthed the unusual crop from the allotment near her home in Peaton, Shropshire.

In fact, the retired farm worker has become so enamoured with the Mallard-shaped vegetable, she is refusing to eat it - and has proudly put it on display in her shed.

Top of the bill: Proud Dorothea Clinton has put her duck-shaped potato pride of place in her garden shed after discovering it in the dirt at her allotment in Peaton, Shropshire

She said: 'I just pulled it out the ground and I thought "Ooh, itís a duck". Itís just so lovely, all the other potatoes were normal but the duck was unmistakable.

'We normally eat everything we produce from the garden but I canít bring myself to eat this one, itís got a kind of strange sentimental value to me now.

'Itís got pride of place in the shed, where it will stay until it rots away, I canít bring myself to eat it.'

The widower, who shares gardening duties with her son Alan, 50, couldn't help but ruffle feathers in her local community by showing off her harvest.

Spudulike: Dorothea has refused to cook up her beloved potato, and has been showing it to the residents of Peaton, Shropshire

She adds: 'Everybody loves it, itís become a bit of a local celebrity now. To me it isnít really a potato, it is a duck, I think itís absolutely wonderful.

'It made me smile, so hopefully it will make others, too.'

Dorothea isn't the first person to come across a bird-like batch of potatoes.

Thrilled: Student Emily Gaffney was so pleased with her supermarket discovery last year, she called him Bill

Last year student Emily Gaffney also became so attached to a duck-shaped potato she spotted in her local supermarket, she saved it from the bin and called him Bill.

'I was unpacking my shopping and when I saw the shape of it I couldn't believe my eyes.

'It looks exactly like a little duck, the resemblance is uncanny.'